Production and sales of pottery, ceramic products for households and souvenirs
The firm makes traditional Troyan ceramics, as well as ceramic products, up to date with the contemporary tendencies as far as design and shape are concerned. We also accept orders for ceramic products, produced on a lathe.
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  Our shop is located in 4 Liulin , Sofia, Bulgaria. There you can find and purchase at special prices all the goods in our product line - ceramic goods, souvenirs, etc. Besides ceramics you can also find traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and goods, produced by masters from the organization uniting all national art crafts in Bulgaria (ZMNHZ) like:
       - wood-carving
       - textile
       - dolls
       - iron and copper smith
       - leather souvenirs

In the shop you can also make individual orders as far as size, shape and colours are concerned.

Our address is :
                     kv. Luilin 4
                     bl. 446, ent G.
                     Sofia, Bulgaria